Orlando Bloom Announces Death of Missing Dog Mighty, Reveals Tribute Tattoo

Orlando Bloom is mourning the loss of his beloved dog Mighty and paying tribute to him in a special way. Early Wednesday morning, the actor revealed that the search for Mighty, who had gone missing last week, had come to a tragic end, as Mighty had died. Ensuring that Mighty is always close to his heart, and showcasing the special bond they shared, Bloom paid tribute to his pooch by getting a tattoo.

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Bloom made the heartbreaking announcement in an Instagram post Wednesday morning following a week of searching for Mighty. Sharing a gallery of images and videos, which revealed that he had gotten a tattoo of a heart with Mighty's name over his own heart, the actor revealed that "Mighty's on the other side now." Bloom explained that "after 7 days of searching from sunrise to sunset and into the wee hours, today, the 7th day ~the number of completion~ we found his collar."

The Lord of the Rings actor said he had been "weeping more this week than I thought possible" since Mighty went missing from his home in Montecito, California. He said that throughout the search, he "left no stone unturned, crawled thru all the man holes, under the roads, searched every back yard and creek bed" and even had "two separate sniffer dogs do their best as well."

In an emotional tribute message to Mighty, Bloom said that he feels "so grateful to have learned from my little Mighty man that love is eternal and the true meaning of devotion." He wrote that he felt that his dog was "looking down on me whistling in every back yard and knowing that I was doing all I possibly could to respect our bond." Bloom said that Mighty "was more than a companion," describing the bond that they shared as more akin to "a soul connection." The actor ended his post by extending his thanks to "the community," which allowed him to "search through their yards for him" and showed their support for his "midnight walks."

Bloom had adopted Mighty in 2017 when he and now-fiancée Katy Perry temporarily split. Last Wednesday, the actor had revealed that the pooch had gone missing, stating that he pup is "chipped and his collar has a number to call – if you take him to your local vet or shelter or police station he can be traced back to me for a reward." On Sunday, he had revealed that Mighty was still missing, calling the ordeal "a waking nightmare" and admitting that he couldn't "recall a time in my life where I’ve been so broken wide open." He added that the bond he shared with Mighty "shows devotion in ways I have not truly understood until now."