Oprah Winfrey Reunites With Partner Stedman Graham After He Self-Quarantined in Guest House

After a weeks-long self-quarantine, Oprah Winfrey and her longtime partner Stedman Graham have reunited. Graham had been self-quarantining in their guest house after traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic and out of an abundance of caution given that Winfrey is among those most at-risk. In a video shared on O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine Instagram account on Thursday, the two finally reunited.

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"After 14 days of quarantining separately, [Oprah Winfrey] & [Stedman Graham] have finally reunited," a caption for the video, which was accompanied by a song from two former students from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, read. "We wonder what Lady O made for dinner for her man’s return. Remember to keep staying safer at home y'all!"

After listening to the tune, Stedman, who was first seen standing at the door of the guest house, slowly made his way over to Winfrey, who embraced him with a hug and a few loud cheers.

"We're going to go to our first dinner together in two weeks," Winfrey announced.

"I'm free," a relieved Graham said when asked how he feels.

"I bet you appreciate us more now," Winfrey teased.

"I appreciated you before, honey," Graham said.

Although Stedman did not have the coronavirus, Winfrey had explained in a video shared to the account in March that she and Graham had decided to live under different roofs as a precaution.

"He's at the guesthouse, because you all know I had pneumonia late last year...I had just gotten off of antibiotics last week, because I had a bronchial infection," she explained at the time, adding that Graham was "one of those" who was "late to the party" about taking the pandemic seriously. "'I don't see what everybody's getting so upset about!' That's what Stedman was saying...and that's why Stedman's at the guest house!"


During his stay, Winfrey and Graham still had plenty of contact, the two enjoying daily 'love chats through the window and Winfrey having delivered breakfast and dinner to his door.

While the two enjoy living under one roof again, Winfrey is hoping to spread a little kindness in these tough times. Earlier this week, she announced that she would be donating $10 million to help families across the U.S. who have been affected by the impact that coronavirus has had on the nation.