Olivia Munn Can't Believe Brett Ratner Has Landed New Project in Wake of Sexual Assault and Harassment Allegations

Olivia Munn is the latest to cry foul over reports that Rush Hour director Brett Ratner was preparing a comeback in Hollywood. Reports began to sprout over the weekend regarding Ratner making a "directing comeback" with a biopic about Milli Vanilli. According to Deadline, it would be Ratner's first effort since 2014 with Hercules starring Dwayne' The Rock' Johnson.

However, when the news broke, the outcry from those who held allegations against Ratner and the Time's Up organization grew fast, including Munn's reaction on Sunday. The X-Men: Apocalypse actress posted several tweets related to the news, echoing Time's Up's statement on Ratner. "There are so many talented directors out there waiting for an opportunity so why is Millennium Media going back to the well of predators??" Munn posted on Twitter.

The actress also called out Millennium, best known for The Expendables and The Hitman's Bodyguard, for their decision to work with Ratner on the film. "No. No no no no. What is wrong with you Millennium??" Munn wrote.

Munn was one of six women who went public with allegations against Ratner, with the former G4 host confirming a story she had shared in her memoir in 2010. The incident reportedly happened in 2004 on the set of After the Sunset.

"I remember first noticing him wearing an Oxford shirt and holding a fistful of cocktail sauce-smothered shrimp," Munn wrote in Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek. "He popped one down his throat and then another…He was masturbating. Right there. With shrimp in one hand. And me standing in front of him. Masturbating. Mastur-bating. I'm not even kidding."


Munn had told the story in her book without naming Ratner, but he went on to confirm the story himself and claimed he was dating Munn at the time, having a sexual relationship with the actress that he detailed on Attack of the Show in 2011. Ratner later walked this claim back and said he lied on the G4 series. Munn has called Ratner's claims a complete lie.

"I shouldn't have to be completely broken, battered, and devalued in order to prove that he crossed a line," Munn told the Los Angeles Times in 2017. Ratner continues to deny all allegations against him.