Nipsey Hussle's Murder: Surveillance Footage Shows Shooting, Possible Suspect

TMZ has obtained security footage that reportedly shows the shooting that led to the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle on Sunday. The outlet got its hands on the footage from a business adjacent to Hussle's The Marathon Clothing store and it shows the scene of the attack and a possible glimpse of the suspect as they flee the scene.

See the security video over at TMZ here.

The video itself shows an individual enter from an alley on the left side of the screen, walking to the front of the store where the shooting takes place. The actual attack is hard to see, but you can see someone collapse to the ground and "several people fleeing the area."

TMZ doesn't single anyone to be a suspect but does show that several people ran from the scene and the murder had many witnesses. There is also no confirmation that the person who falls to the ground is Nipsey Hussle, but TMZ adds that the rapper was photographed shortly before the shooting wearing a white T shirt.

Police have only released a description of the shooter as a "black male in his 20s" and fled from the scene in a vehicle driven by a female.

The news of Hussle's death on Sunday spread quickly and shocked many fans and supporters around the internet. The rapper one of three victims in the attack, with two others surviving while in serious condition. According to TMZ, Hussle was pronounced dead at the hospital after paramedics performed CPR at the scene and rushed away in an ambulance.

The outlet also added that the rapper was set to meet with high-ranking members of the LAPD before his untimely death in an effort to address gang violence. LAPD Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff confirmed the talk was scheduled for Monday at 4 p.m., alongside Roc Nation leader Jay Brown. TMZ confirms that the meeting will still happen, with a representative from Roc Nation attending in the late rapper's place.


Hours before the shooting, Hussle also posted an ominous tweet that stated, "having strong enemies is a blessing." There has been no connection made between the tweet and the shooting itself to this point, but its timing casts quite the shadow over the incident.

Countless tributes and thoughts have been shared about the rapper since news of his passing broke. Fellow rappers like Drake, The Game, and 50 Cent have shared their thoughts. Actors like Sons of Anarchy alum Theo Rossi highlighted the tragic nature of the shooting. And even major sports names like LeBron James and Reggie Bush sent their prayers to Hussle's family.