Nicole Eggert Opens up to Dr. Oz About Scott Baio: ‘I Thought It Was OK’

Actress Nicole Eggert made her sexual assault accusations against Scott Baio on Twitter after an interview she did on Dr. Oz was shelved. Now that her case is out in the open, however, producers have decided to air the interview from earlier this month where Eggert describes her years of abuse.

Eggert accused Baio of molesting her between the ages of 14 and 17, while the two were co-stars on Charles in Charge. Rumors that the two had a romance have existed for many years, but Eggert says that she's just now ready to share the truth and own up to being a victim.

She spoke about the whole situation in an interview with Dr. Oz earlier this month, but the episode wasn't aired. While talking to Page Six, Oz explained that he and his producers were simply vetting thoroughly before putting it out.

"I'm a surgeon, I have very high standards for everything I do," he said. "The show has always maintained a philosophy that we want to do the best possible for everyone involved. It takes a while to vet stories that are 30 years old, and we had been doing that — doing our homework — but over the weekend, the key folks, Scott Baio and Nicole Eggert went to Twitter… I'm comfortably airing the show. You will see the footage with Nicole tomorrow, and Scott Baio's response."

A sneak peek of the interview shows an emotional Eggert going over the details of her assault.

"I can't say that it was horrible because I was a teenager, and he was sort of creating this crush and this relationship between us," she said. "I hadn't experienced any of these things before, so it was strange, and in a weird way OK—or I thought it was OK."

"[Baio] was very clear nobody could know, and that it was illegal and that everyone could lose their job, including myself," she said.


Some reports conflict with Oz's version of events. According to TMZ, his interview with Eggert wasn't aired because Baio's representatives sent threatening cease and desist letters to the show. However, after Eggert and Baio's Twitter exchange over the weekend, Eggert went on Megyn Kelly's show on Tuesday, opening the publicity floodgates on the whole story.