‘Nashville’ Star Hayden Panettiere Reportedly ‘Drunk and Frantic’ During Police Investigation

Hayden Panettiere recently had a run-in with police, and she was allegedly far from peak condition.

TMZ reports that the Nashville actress was "drunk and frantic" when police responded to an alleged assault and battery at a residence in Greenville, South Carolina, some time in October.

Panettiere, who played Juliette Barnes on Nashville, was not the victim nor the perpetrator of the alleged assault. The incident was apparently between her boyfriend Brian Hickerson and his father, David.

When an officer with the Greenville City Police Department arrived, he saw Brian chasing David around the residence while holding a Gatorade bottle. Panettiere opened the door for the officer "in a panic," and the cop put Brian in handcuffs to get a handle on the situation.

Brian then refused to cooperate with the officer, allegedly to prevent damaging Panettiere's career. However, the Heroes alum was more cooperative. She told officers that she and David were drinking before the altercation between the father-and-son broke out.

David also coughed up another detail. His face was battered, bleeding and bruised. He told officers he had fallen, but no other details were provided.

TMZ's sources close to Panettiere say she disputes the claim that she was intoxicated at the time.

This incident has to come to light just days after an alleged source close to the actress spoke out against her relationship with Brian. He or she alleged that friends and family are adamantly against the pair dating.

"They are deeply concerned (about the relationship)," the source told The Hollywood Gossip. "They do not approve. They are hoping that this is something that she is going to evolve from. A relationship isn't helpful for either of them. He's funny and charming and good-looking, but he's not bringing out the best in her."

They added, "Sometimes we all do what makes sense for the moment. And let's hope that is what it is – a moment."


Life changes are the alleged cause of Panettiere entering a relationship that is less than healthy. A move and issues within her professional life apparently have put her in a position to blow off some steam.

"She's come through a lot of things, she's been on hit shows, lived in a town that she fell out of love with and that was a difficult pocket of time, and she wanted to leave Nashville sooner," the source said. "The cumulative effect probably makes her feel now that she wants to take a break, enjoy life, have fun, and have some laughs."