'Modern Family' Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wants This Role in Co-Star Sarah Hyland's Wedding

Sarah Hyland's wedding planning better include her Modern Family co-stars in some form. Jesse Tyler Ferguson specifically expects to play a very specific role when it comes time for his TV niece to walk down the aisle.

Entertainment Tonight talked with Ferguson on the set of the reboot for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and got the actor's take on Hyland's nuptials and her engagement to fiancé Wells Adams.

"Wells is an upstanding, wonderful, hilarious, loving human, and I couldn't ask for a sweeter guy to be with Sarah, who I adore," Ferguson told ET. "It's one of those full-circle moments. I met her when she was so young, and now she's getting married and they are an extension of my family."

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"It feels like a family member is moving on, in a way that family members do, and I'm very happy for her," the Modern Family star added.

It was then that Ferguson made it clear that he wants to be at the wedding and even wants to play a very important part of it.

"All I know is that I better be invited to the wedding. I would totally officiate," he told the outlet. "Why not?"

The engagement has to be a nice cherry on top for the cast heading into the final season. As ET notes, the actors on Modern Family have spent a decade together and the kids have grown up on-screen. Seeing them move into the adult world and make those decisions has to be special, even if they are only pretend parents.

Ferguson told ET how emotional the final season has been to this point. The "final" element of everything they do on the show is having a toll.

"We just had our last first table read of the season, and just closing a script on that, you know, was emotional. We celebrated Rico Rodriguez's 21st birthday on the same day. We're celebrating these huge milestones; when we met him, he was a child! Now he has a car and a home, and he's celebrating his 21st birthday. So it's just been very... very emotional," Ferguson revealed to ET.

"I haven't dealt with the reality of having to say goodbye to Modern Family yet. I think we're all in deep, deep denial," he added. "We're just pushing the emotions down. It's gonna be really hard."

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As for Hyland, she's snooping around for wedding ideas since announcing her engagement and taking part in another piece of her career alongside Modern Family. The actress took the stage to perform at the recent Teen Choice Awards on Fox.


And don't even think about accusing her of trying to stretch out her engagement to Adams. She will unleash some truth.

Also, don't count out Modern Family forever after this final season. ABC has hopes to keep the show going with spin-offs, meaning we might get to see Hyland walk down the aisle for real and as her fictional self.