'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter Teases That She May Not Return to US Amid Europe Visit

Ariel Winter has been spending some time vacationing in Europe, and it seems she may never come back to the States. On Monday, she posted a photo to Instagram from the Netherlands in which she's standing on a bridge above one of the country's famous canals. The Modern Family star wrote, "Cancelled my return ticket so farewell forever LA!"

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Her followers had a variety of reactions. "Such a great picture! This should be your holiday card. The lights are so pretty and festive," one commented.

"I don't blame you I wouldn't want to live in LA either," a second person wrote.

"Amsterdam is definitely cleaner than LA," another said.

Winter has shared several photos from her trip to Europe. Last week, she posted a photo in front of some huge Christmas trees. "So so so so so cold but full of baguettes & joy because of these Christmas decorations!!!!!!!!!" she wrote.

The next day, she posted another image from Paris, this one from a Louis Vuitton store. "the moment you realize you're about to get kicked out of the Louis Vuitton store for unknowingly sitting on merchandise," she captioned it.

It seems Winter has been jet-setting all over the place lately. Over the weekend, she shared a series of photos from her younger brother's 21st birthday party in Vegas. Presumably it happened before her trip overseas.

"Baby brother turned 21 last month so obviously we had to celebrate. There are many more photos to come from other nights, but here are a few from the great first night out during our trip! Thank you so much @taolasvegas for an amazing dinner & party! Also...our squad is a whole mood in the last photo. Big mood," she captioned it.


Earlier this month, Winter discussed her recent weight loss. She told Women's Day that a change in her medications fueled the shedding of pounds. "Years ago, it was hard because I'd go to the gym with my trainer and because of my antidepressant medications I never saw results," Winter said. "I didn't change my antidepressants because I wanted to lose weight, I'd just accepted it and it was fine. I got inspired to actually find a medication that helped me as a person and did all the things I wanted it to do."

"I've always had curves and I like having curves," Winter said of her weight loss. "When I changed meds, and started feeling better about myself mentally, losing weight was helpful because it made me feel like I wasn't just stuck. I hate being stuck anywhere in life."