Millie Bobby Brown Fans Call out 'Stranger Things' Star for Confusing Skincare Video

Millie Bobby Brown fans were particularly perplexed this week when the Stranger Things star shared a video showcasing her skincare routine with her newly minted vegan skincare line, Florence by Mills. In the video, meant to show her "quick and easy" nightly routine, the 15-year-old actress went through all the steps to removing her makeup — face mist, scrub, face wash, moisturizer and lip oil — but fans wondered if she was actually applying any of the products at all, as there was no noticeable difference and her eye makeup still appeared to be on at the end of the clip.

The Instagram video appeared to have been taken down on Tuesday, but it was still up on YouTube.

"Is it me or did she really use the products on her face? Her eye makeup is still on," one Instagram user commented before the clip was deleted.

"She still has eye liner on tho? Do we keep eye makeup on when we wash our face?" someone else said.

"Was this a mock application? She didn't use any of the products on her actual face," another person wrote.

"It would be nice if you USE IT, we can see how you're not applying any product [laughing out loud]," another person said.

"And what about the makeup on her eyes? Hahahahaha hahahaha," someone said.

"Why is she not using the products?? Why isn't she putting anything on her face??? This is so weird!! Please explain [Millie Bobby Brown]," one confused fan wrote.

Some conspiracy theorists wondered if there was any product in the bottles at all.

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Brown, last sparked internet confusion when she voiced her opinion about Penn Badgley's obsessive character on You, Joe Goldberg, as "not creepy." In the Lifetime-turned-Netflix series, Joe falls in love with and begins to stalk Beck (Elizabeth Lail) before his obsession leads to murder.

"So I just started that show You. He's not creepy. He's in love with her, and it's OK," Brown said in a video posted to her Instagram Story in January. "So I'm obsessed with it, I'm binge-watching it, absolute banger, Netflix."

"I know everybody's going to say, 'Uh, he's a stalker, why would you support that?' No, like, he's in love with her. And it's just like, just watch the show and don't judge me on my opinions," she said.

After the video went viral, Brown later clarified her comments, revealing she had only seen two episodes of the show when she posted the first videos.


"So I just finished You. And I guess the other day I made a video, I was on episode two, I guess I gathered an analysis too quickly," she admitted. "I watched episode 10 — most definitely is a stalker. But it was a really great show. So I'm really excited for season two. My bad if I upset anyone."

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