Miley Cyrus Says Manchester Has ‘Really Been An Eyeopener’

Miley Cyrus performed on NBC's The Voice this week and humbly dedicated that performance to Ariana Grande and the victims of the tragic Manchester terror attack. Afterward, she went on the Today show and opened up about how the whole event has impacted her.

She explained that she's begun to think more about safety precautions when it comes to her concerts, saying, "I'm someone that, I don't like a lot of people around. I don't usually have the team and crew around me."

Cyrus continued, "I like to lay really low-key. So, now I realize that I need to know that I'm around a lot of people and to protect myself and protect everyone that's here. I take that more seriously. It's really been an eye opener."

Making sure to reiterate her support, Miley finished by saying, "For my friend Ariana, it's just beyond me. I can't wait until I get a second and I can give her a big hug."

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Obviously, talking about the Manchester attack wasn't the only reason Miley was stopping by Today. She also sang her new song, "Malibu," as well as "Jolene," the classic Dolly Parton song, and she also handed out flowers to her fans.

This isn't the first time Miley has showed her support for Ariana in the wake of the attack.

After learning about what happened, Miley shared a throwback picture of herself and Grande, captioning it with, "Wishing I could give my friend @arianagrande a great big hug right now... love love love you. So sorry you had to be apart of such a tragic event!"

The comment continued, "My most sincere condolences to anyone and everyone affected by this horrific attack! All I can do is send as much HOPE and PEACE your way! This MUST end! No more war .... no more innocent lives taken .... L-O-V-E."

While time is the only thing that really heals all wounds, strong, unending support from your close friends helps along the way.


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[H/T: ET Online]