Mila Kunis Is Barely Recognizable With Blonde Hair in Trailer for New Movie 'Four Good Days'

Mila Kunis went blonde — sort of. The typically dark-haired actress is almost unrecognizable in [...]

Mila Kunis went blonde — sort of. The typically dark-haired actress is almost unrecognizable in the trailer for her upcoming movie Four Good Days, in which her character struggles with addiction while trying to conquer her demons. Kunis plays Molly, a 31-year-old self-proclaimed "junkie" who begs her mother, Deb, played by Glenn Close, to help her fight her opioid addiction, so she doesn't lose her children.

Kunis appears in the trailer with a shock of bleach blonde hair, bruises, abrasions and sores as she writhes in pain while going through withdrawal. When she learns she has to stay sober for four more days to receive an opiate antagonist shot, she knows her troubles have only just started. Together, Molly and Deb "navigate the most difficult four days of their lives."

"I'm going to level with you, Molly. Opioids have a 97% relapse rate," a doctor tells Molly as she and her mom sit together in the office. The doctor continues, saying that Molly has tried to kick drugs 15 times in the past and offers to provide her with a shot of opiate antagonist, a drug that will prevent her from experiencing heroin's high.

Four Good Days premiered at Sundance Film Festival and is based on a true story by Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Eli Saslow. Saslow co-wrote the movie's screenplay with director Rodrigo García. Starring Stephen Root, Chad Lindberg, Rebecca Field, Joshua Leonard, Michael Hyatt and Sam Hennings, the film hits theaters on April 30 and will be available on-demand on May 21.

Not only is Kunis' blonde hair a departure from her usual look, but the heavy nature of the film differs from the lighthearted comedies like Bad Moms and The Spy Who Dumped Me that she is best known for. This year, the That '70s Show actress starred in a fun-loving Cheetos Super Bowl commercial with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. While Kutcher sang the verses to Shaggy's hit "It Wasn't Me," Kunis insisted that it was not her who stole his Cheetos — despite the cheese dust on her fingers and mouth.

Shaggy, who also appeared in the ad, told that working with Kutcher and Kunis was "amazing." "That was amazing on many levels because to just watch the chemistry between them, you could tell why they're, you know, why they're a couple," he said. He called them the "perfect example of marrying your best friend" and gushed over their "back-and-forth" comical exchange "just laughing, joking."