Mila Kunis Roasts Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon for Awkward Photos

Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon have been teased mercilessly for their recent red-carpet appearances, and now Kutcher's wife has entered the ring. Mila Kunis teased Kutcher and Witherspoon for looking "awkward" together while promoting their new rom-com Your Place or Mine. Witherspoon acknowledged the jokes and shared the story on The Today Show on Monday.

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager brought up the viral gags in their interview with Witherspoon on Monday, and Witherspoon revealed that Kunis had gotten in on the fun. She said: "She even emailed us last night. She goes, 'You guys look so awkward on the red carpet together.'" Still, Witherspoon made it clear that it was all in good fun. She even said that working with Kutcher made her feel closer to Kunis, saying: "It's just fun 'cause when you know a girlfriend so much, it was just fun to get to know her significant other 'cause I've loved her for so long."

For those catching up, Kutcher and Kunis co-star in a new Netflix original film coming out on Friday called Your Place or Mine. They play best friends living in different cities who swap houses for a week and realize in the process that their feelings run deeper than friendship. The trailer drummed up some excitement online and both Kutcher and Witherspoon are established heavy hitters in the rom-com genre, but their red-carpet appearances this weekend soured the excitement a bit.

Kutcher and Witherspoon stood side by side and wore serene smiles at their public appearances for this film, but they did not stand arm-in-arm or even touch each other at all. Both are married separately, but commenters online pointed out that other rom-com stars typically show some warmth and chemistry to try and generate excitement for the movie. "Here's the thing, okay," Kutcher said on the Chicks in the Office podcast. "If I put my arm around her, and was like all friendly with her, I'd be having an affair with her, like that would be the rumor...If I stand next to her and put my hands in my pockets, so there's no chance that could be the rumor-the rumor is that we don't like each other."

Before long, their "awkward" demeanor evolved into a meme, and fans cracked plenty of jokes on social media. Witherspoon accepted these jabs with a smile on The Today Show on Monday. She admitted that, while she knew Kunis well, she had never worked with Kutcher before this and the two of them needed to "learn to be friends" during the filming process. She said that now that she knows him she is very fond of Kutcher, and recalled texting Kunis throughout the process of getting to know him.

"He's so professional. He's the funniest guy," she said. "I mean, such a goofball. We had so much fun, and every time he'd wear a funny outfit, I'd text Mila. I'd be like, 'What is he wearing?'" As for the romance, Witherspoon said that she and Kutcher prepared by texting each other constantly and talking on the phone before filming began. They even sent each other photos and videos, Witherspoon explained: "I was like, 'These are my dogs. These are my kids.' My kids would tease him about his football team."

Your Place or Mine premieres on Friday, Feb. 10 on Netflix. It seems safe to say that the jokes about Kutcher and Witherspoon's chemistry will continue through this weekend.