Michael Strahan's Daughter Isabella Had a Perfect Response to Fan Asking If She's 'Still Alive' Amid Brain Tumor Treatment

Isabella Strahan, 19, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor known as a medulloblastoma in October.

Isabella Strahan had the perfect response to an online commenter wondering if she was "still alive" amid her battle with cancer. The 19-year-old daughter of Good Morning America's Michael Strahan took to TikTok this week with a positive attitude as she danced to Sexyy Red's "Get It Sexyy" and flashed a smile after being diagnosed with brain cancer in October.

The video, which Isabella captioned, "crazi comment," came in response to a comment from someone who wrote, "are you still alive." In the comment section of her response video, one of Isabella's followers wrote, "Better than ever," to which Isabella replied, "Not going anywhere." Another follower wrote, "Thanks for the update ... I was worried," as Isabella responded, "Me too."


Replying to @U🫀 crazi comment

♬ Get It Sexyy – Sexyy Red

The University of Southern California student announced in January that she had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor known as a medulloblastoma in October and had to be rushed into emergency surgery to remove it from her cerebellum. Since then, she's been chronicling her treatment on YouTube, sharing a video on Wednesday with the latest update on her health.

In the video diary, Isabella can be seen getting ready for bed at her New York City home, showing off a big basket of medications she quipped she takes "to stay alive." Also in the video, Isabella can be seen getting a heparin injection from her home nurse in order to prevent blood clots amid her treatment. The next day, Isabella revealed she had a busy schedule heading to several different visits to the doctor. "I have a dermatology appointment at 1:30 and then I have blood work at 3," she said. "And I just had occupational therapy at 11:30."

In a previous video diary, Isabella shared with her followers that she had to undergo an unexpected third craniotomy just a month after her second. "It's not as bad as the first time but I'm really in pain. They do give me pain medicine...they don't work that well on me. So I'm in a lot of pain," she said at the time. "My head really really hurts right now. Not gonna lie, I've been crying a lot. I'm in a lot of pain. It's not as bad as last time... my face isn't as puffy but it literally hurts to do anything."