Meryl Streep's Nephew Allegedly Caught on Camera Beating Teenager in Road Rage Assault

Meryl Streep's nephew, Charles Streep, was caught on video assaulting a Latino teenager during a road rage encounter back in August. The video was just published by the Daily Mail, and it shows Charles choking the younger man, reportedly leaving him with severe brain trauma. The victim, 18-year-old David Peralta, said that Charles was "racist" during their violent encounter.

The footage comes from a bank surveillance camera in East Hampton on Aug. 24, when 31-year-old Charles Streep drove past a stop sign, causing a collision between his car and Peralta's. Peralta told the Daily Mail that the two spoke briefly, but were able to drive off. However, Charles followed Peralta to a nearby bank parking lot, where he attacked Peralta. The video shows Charles putting Peralta in a chokehold until he was unconscious, then dragging his body across the asphalt, lifting him up high and slamming him back down to the ground. The graphic video can be seen here.

Peralta said he regained consciousness as Charles was returning to his own car, muttering: "just Spanish." Peralta was left bruised, bloody and in need of emergency surgery after the encounter. He was left with severe brain trauma.

Charles was arrested three days later. He was charged with felony counts of second-degree assault and second-degree strangulation. He has since been released from jail on $5,000 bail. Charles pleaded not guilty to both charges and is due back in court on Nov. 5.

In addition to the criminal charges, Peralta has brought a civil suit against Charles, seeking damages to offset his medical bills incurred in the attack. Peralta said he owes over $100,000 for the surgery and other treatments needed to recover from the alleged assault. Peralta needed to be airlifted from the scene to Stony Brook Hospital in Southampton — the nearest place with a Level 1 Trauma center.


"David is never going to be the same. This is a major event in his life," Peralta's attorney told reporters. "The level of violence is really shocking. For him to take this young man's limp body, after he had choked him unconscious and slam him on the ground... it just rises to the level of obscenity in my view. And I think to any rational, compassionate person with a heart it's just beyond comprehension. It's beyond entitlement. Perhaps he thinks that because of his bloodline or his famous father or aunt he can act with impunity."

So far, Meryl Streep has not commented publicly on her nephew's case, nor the alleged racism behind it.