Melissa Meeks Claims Ex-Husband Cheated on New Girlfriend

Melissa Meeks, the ex-wife of the “World’s Hottest Felon,” is claiming that her ex-husband [...]

Melissa Meeks, the ex-wife of the "World's Hottest Felon," is claiming that her ex-husband has added another relationship felony to his record.

Meeks made the allegation in a photo posted on Instagram last month. The selfie features a smiling Meeks and captioned: "Thank you for all the positive love...I've never been in a better place in my life than I am now. My ex husband has already been unfaithful in his new relationship. With me...Id rather be alone and happy with self respect then to be played #StilliRise #ShineBrightBaby"

The post was met with mixed reactions, many people mistakenly reading the caption and interpreting it to mean that Meeks is the woman her ex-husband was cheating with.

"Cheated with you? You certainly don't have self respect then. You should of walked away and kept your respect. You're both gross," one commenter wrote.

But another person was quick to explain what Meeks had really meant, writing "'With me......' is actually the start of a new sentence about her own self worth and feelings."

The majority of comments on the photo were shows of support from her followers, who have followed along with her journey since the rough breakup she had with Jeremy Meeks.

"Beautiful face but such an ugly soul..of course he already cheated again..he will continue to screw intregity. Prayin for you and your kiddos always," one person wrote.

"The come back is stronger then the set back," wrote another.

The two had been married for eight years when photos surfaced of the "Mughsot Model" kissing Topshop heiress Chloe Green on a yacht in Turkey. Their relationship spiraled downhill from there. The model filed for divorce from the 33-year-old mother of three only after Melissa Meeks had revealed that she was planning on divorcing him. Meeks and Green's relationship quickly became public after that.

Meeks has not yet claimed how she knows of her ex-husband's unfaithfulness to Green and she has not said who the other woman may be. Jeremy Meeks has also not commented on the allegations.