Mel B and Stephen Belafonte Strike a Deal in Their Divorce

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have reportedly reached an agreement in their months-long messy divorce battle after nearly a decade of marriage.

TMZ obtained legal documents in the couple's case and reported that the America's Got Talent judge and her film producer ex have outlined terms for their split.

First, the deal details that Belafonte will destroy any compromising videos of Mel B. These films were the source of major controversy early in their split as he threatened to enter at least 56 videos — at least a third of which were "of sexual nature" — into the court record.

The agreement also notes that Belafonte will receive an undisclosed amount in spousal support for the next 3 years. Earlier this year, he claimed that the couple's split left him so broke that he was forced to sleep on friends' sofas and rack up $60,000 on his credit card.

Mel B and Belafonte have agreed to share joint legal custody of their 6-year-old daughter Madison Belafonte, and they will make a schedule to share physical custody of the child. Neither will pay child support, the documents read.

As for the house they shared, the pair has agreed to sell the property and split the profits. In the meantime, Belafonte has been granted access to the house to retrieve his "personal belongings, including childhood photos, clothing and artwork."

Though Mel B and Belafonte have reached an agreement on the terms outlined in the documents, a judge must sign off on the terms to put them into law.

The former Spice Girl filed for divorce in March and in the months following, she claimed she was drugged and abused throughout her marriage to Belafonte.

Of the video recordings Belafonte planned to show in court prior to the agreement, Mel's legal team claimed that "90 percent" of the tapes were nonconsensual.

"For 10 years, Ms. Brown tried to get out of this relationship and every time she tried to get out she was threatened with these tapes," Belafonte's lawyer Phillip Cohen spoke of Mel B's claims. "Ms. Brown believed she was drugged through much or most of the relationship and much or most of those videos."


He went on to add that the allegations are "nothing more than a smear campaign."

The pair were set to go to trial over the allegations of domestic violence but settled the matter two days prior. Their amicable divorce agreement is another attempt to avoid a full trial, which was set to begin this month.