Meghan McCain's Mother Cindy Even Has Concerns About Her 'The View' Outbursts

It turns out, even Meghan McCain's mother Cindy cringes to watch some of her spats on The View. The daytime show host's mother reveals in her conversation with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM channel Radio Andy that while it can be hard for her to watch, she continues to support her daughter as any mother would. "Ever since she was very little, we called her 'John McCain in a dress' because she was always fighting," she said of the conservative co-host.

"I think she's doing a great job. She stands up for what she believes in and that's all that you can ask for," she added of her eldest daughter. "She's also really smart, so I appreciate that she does. I don't always agree with her, but I do appreciate it."

McCain's recent dispute with host Whoopi Goldberg made headlines (as they typically do). Whoopi cut off McCain's argument by going to commercial break sooner than what McCain would've liked and she made it known on the show. Cindy responded to the latest outburst saying, "Yeah, from a mom ― you teach your children to be polite and be nice to other people and all that kind of stuff, and it does make me cringe a little bit."

"But again, it's her job and what she does, and it's Whoopi's job to keep the peace, so I understand everything that's going on," she said. "As a mom — yeah, it does bother me a little bit." The political family has been publicly vocal about their lives on numerous occasions. Cindy recentlywrote about her thoughts on Meghan's job in her memoir Stronger: Courage, Hope, and Humor in My Life with John McCain. "When I had two daughters to raise, I was determined to give them a core of independence and self-assurance. Some viewers who have watched my elder daughter, Meghan McCain, on ABC's The View may think that I succeeded a little too well," Cindy wrote. "She isn't afraid to speak up, and her voice is powerful and well considered," she wrote of Meghan. "She never tries to hurt anyone, and in the current political climate, that is both brave and unusual."