Meghan McCain Shares Photo of Late Dad John McCain With Joe Biden

Meghan McCain took to social media to show a rather sweet photo of her late father, former Sen. John McCain having a few laughs with former Vice President Joe Biden. In the picture, it appears the two are laughing over something that was said as Biden has his hands raised up level with his chest and John seems to be entertained by whatever they seem to be talking about. The View host left her caption super simple with a red heart emoji and an American flag. Despite the fact that these two are on opposing sides when it comes to their political views, fans of McCain say they love the photo.

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One person wrote, "[heart emoji] This pic Meghan," while someone else said, "Love these two patriots."

One of her other fans reacted by acknowledging the fact that despite her conservative views, she still has a lot of love and respect for Biden.

"I love that you love Biden so much even though he's across part lines! And if Elisabeth comes back then we'll have someone who can critique Biden so the conservative View is still represented!" they wrote.

Recently, former conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was invited back on as a guest host for the day on the popular daytime talk show. She took the opportunity to raise awareness on the tornadoes that have hit Nashville, Tennesee, leaving the city and surrounding counties devastated. Hasselbeck wore the popular "I Believe In Nashville" shirt that's being sold to raise funds for relief efforts. She rocked the T-shirt with a red blazer over it as she discussed her experience back in Music City alongside her husband Tim Hasselbeck.

"I'm here, I'm wearing a bunch of Nashville gear," she wrote. "I'm happy to be a neighbor there, I'm happy to be a friend there. It's been a hard week."

She continued to say that "the response there has been awesome."


"To see a schoolroom shattered, alphabet cards on the ground... the devastation rocked our hearts. But I have to tell you, the soul and spirit of Nashville is so alive. They have never seen more volunteers. They called for 20,000 volunteers one day, 30,000 showed up. The Red Cross said they'd never seen a city respond this way."

She encouraged fans to visit The View's website if they wanted to help donate towards relief efforts in Nashville.