Meghan Markle's Dad Sends Message to Oprah Winfrey Following Bombshell Interview

In the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle shared that she felt like she had [...]

In the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle shared that she felt like she had been betrayed by her father, Thomas Markle, due to the fact that he kept coordinating with the paparazzi and constantly criticizing her to the press. Now that she was a mother, Markle felt that betrayal even deeper, especially considering the fact that he wasn't willing to protect Archie.

"When I said we won't be able to protect our own kids one day and I said 'So I just need you to tell me and if you tell me the truth, we can help,'" Markle told Oprah. "He wasn't able to do that. And that for me has really resonated, especially now as a mother. I look at Archie, I think about this child, and I genuinely can't imagine doing anything to intentionally cause pain to my child."

Following the interview, Thomas Markle went on Good Morning Britain and contradicted many of Meghan's statements, but now he's attempting to take things to the next level. According to The Sun, Markle drove to Oprah's home in Montecito, CA, and hand-delivered a letter to her security guard because he believes that is also entitled to an interview with Winfrey. "Thomas delivered a letter to Oprah asking her to contact him so he could tell his side of the story," a source told The Sun. "This was not a note to Meghan and Harry, it was meant for Oprah. Thomas watched the interview she did with them and feels he deserves a chance to have his say."

Thomas Markle previously expressed his displeasure with his daughter on Good Morning Britain. He alleged that he apologized "100 times" for the deal he made with the tabloids. "We all make mistakes - but I've never played naked pool or dressed like Hitler like Harry did."

"It really did upset me, like I said, it would have been easy for her to reach out to me, any of the rest of her family, who she claims she doesn't know. But the other thing is that I would think that she could turn to her husband," Markle claimed. When it was pointed out that Meghan actually had spoken to Harry about her mental health, Markle hit back that Harry had "obviously not supported her that well."

Markle claimed that Meghan had "pretty much ghosted all of her family" and that she "let me down too" after she cut him off three years ago after he had heart surgery. "The bottom line is she didn't lose me," Markle said. "She made a statement saying she lost me, she didn't lose me, I would've always been there for her, I'm there for her now if she wants me."