Megan Fox Admits Recent Hallucinogenic Trip With Machine Gun Kelly Was 'Hell for Eternity'

Megan Fox went into details about her and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly's experience in Costa Rica when they tried the psychedelic tea, ayahuasca. Describing the experience as her own personal "hell," the actress is actually encouraging people to try it out. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she was asked about her experience via fill-in host Arsenio Hall, and she didn't hold back on telling the viewers exactly what she went through.

"It was incredibly intense. The second night, I went to hell for eternity. And just knowing eternity is torture in itself because there was no beginning, middle or end," she described. "So you have a real ego death." While the couple did this together, they were also surrounded by 20 other people going through the same thing. While the experience involved ingesting the tea, it didn't stop there. In fact, it was spread throughout several days. The 35-year-old said it also included going through the jungle with indigenous people and limiting her food intake.

She noted that the place felt like it might be more "glamping" than anything and was questioning if she and her man would get the full experience, but confirmed that it was very much the real thing. Then she noted because Costa Rica is in a drought, she wasn't even allowed to shower saying there was "nothing glamorous about it" despite how great the hotel seemed. "So you go, and we were with 20 other strangers, and you line up at the edge of the rain forest over this weird fence and you go three-by-three and you drink lemongrass tea until you, not by your own volition, just vomit everything out of your body." Fox went into further detail saying each person had to "vomit" a certain amount before they could even proceed with the experience.


Even though it sounds "crazy" she said it was a great "bonding experience" as everyone clapped for each other as they each puked. "It's your own psychological hell basically, the medicine, right? This is a medicine that surpasses anything you could do with talk therapy or hypnotherapy, it just goes straight into your soul and takes you to the psychological prison you hold yourself in. So it's your own version of hell. And I was definitely there." Although her experience didn't sound like the most pleasurable one that someone would spend their hard-earned money on, she is encouraging people to do it.