'Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Issues Another Apology for Controversial Remarks

With the backlash continuing, Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik has taken to Instagram to issue yet another apology regarding her controversial piece in the New York Times about sexual harassment.

Bialik posted a note saying, "I want to address my op-ed in the NY Times and the reaction to it. Let me say clearly and explicitly that I am very sorry. What you wear and how you behave does not provide any protection from assault, nor does the way you dress or act in any way make you responsible for being assaulted; you are never responsible for such a thing."

The note went on to praise the women who have spoken out and shared their personal experiences.

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"I applaud the bravery of the women who have come forward," Bialik continued. "I support these women as we seek out and demand accountability from the only ones responsible for assault and rape: the people who perpetrate these heinous crimes. I am motivated and driven to work hard to empower women."

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One last time, Bialik apologized for the article.

"I am truly sorry for causing so much pain, and I hope you can forgive me," she added.

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This was the second apology note that Bialik has shared on social media, in addition to addressing the criticism in a Facebook Live video.

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