See the First Video of Matt Lauer in Public Since 'Today' Termination

Matt Lauer was caught on camera in public Wednesday morning for the first time since he was fired from the Today show.

Reporters from TMZ saw the disgraced journalist leaving the Jimmy Jim Deli in Long Island with a small paper bag in hand. Lauer's wife was seen at the same deli earlier this morning. Neither one was wearing a wedding ring.

In the video, Lauer appears relatively cheerful as he exits the store. He's in conversation with another patron, and the two are smiling. Lauer waves his farewell as the two head in opposite directions. As he crosses the street, he even waves and smiles at a passing car in apparent recognition. He focuses on the driver as they speed past.

When Lauer crosses the street, he seems to notice the TMZ photographer waiting for him. He averts his eyes and says nothing. The reporter calls out, "Hey Matt, are the allegations true?" Lauer turns his head and gets into car without a word.

Reporters say they saw Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, at the same deli earlier in the morning. The two are not only getting breakfast separately but they've both apparently taken off their wedding bands.


Last week, there were reports that Roque was leaving the U.S. in the wake of her husband's explosive sexual misconduct charges, but it seems she hasn't followed through on that plan yet. Lauer was seen with his wedding ring still on as recently as Monday.

With or without rings, Roque and Lauer have reportedly had a strained relationship for years. Lauer has spent the majority of his time in his Manhattan apartment for the past several years, only stopping in at the family mansion in Long Island to see his kids and keep up appearances.