Mary-Kate Olsen Dons Face Mask During Rare Sighting in New York City

Mary-Kate Olsen is following the strict regulations in New York City by rocking a face mask. The star child actor of Full House was spotted walking around the city in a rare candid moment with a black covering around her nose and mouth. The actress has found herself in the news amid a high-profile divorce from Olivier Sarkozy.

The two are set for a court battle beginning Dec. 15 in which the biggest sticking point will be their townhouse in the city. The two are co-owners which makes the ordeal even trickier. The home is estimated at $13.5 million. Olsen filed for divorce back in May after the two were together for five years. Sarkozy, who is 51 years old, is 17 years older than Olsen. In her divorce filing, she claims she was forced out of the home after Sarkozy got out of the townhome's lease without her consent. E! News, which reported that Olsen has reconnected with her sister Ashley amid the turmoil, noted things got pretty tense after the paperwork was filed, which should result in quite the legal battle in one week.

The Daily Mail reported that the complications will be about how they split the sale of the townhome. The outlet did reveal that Olsen's prenuptial agreement, which estimates her value to be around $250 million, will keep her fortunes intact no matter what happens.


As a child actor, Olsen quickly stood out for her and her sister's part as Michelle Tanner. Full House aired from 1987 to 1995 and had so much success, the series was picked up for a reunion series on Netflix that began in 2016 and ran through this June. That series, however, did not include the Olsen twins. Aside from her work in Hollywood with her sister, Olsen only appeared in a few projects after the smashing success of Full House. This included Weeds, which saw her recurring role in the third season, and her most recent film, a 2013 documentary in which she appeared as herself in Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's. She has since ventured into the world of business. There, she and her sister founded a fashion label, The Row, along with a few other ventures. She also has teamed up with some other companies over the last decade, this includes TOMS Shoes, which saw the two design shoes for kids across 20 countries.