Mark Wahlberg Denies Using Steroids, Claims He's 'All Natural'

Mark Wahlberg swears steroids are not a secret to his buff figure and muscles.TMZ stopped the [...]

Mark Wahlberg swears steroids are not a secret to his buff figure and muscles.

TMZ stopped the actor in Los Angeles on Monday to ask about allegations that he, Josh Duhamel and WWE star Roman Reigns were all clients of steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez, who is now in jail.

"All natural, baby," the All the Money In the World star said repeatedly while showing off his massive biceps. "That's hard work."

"If you wanna do something right you gotta work hard, baby," Wahlberg added. "Why put your health at risk when you can work hard and be a good example and make things happen and achieve your goals?"

Wahlberg's denial of using steroids comes after the 46-year-old was named by Rodriguez in a telephone interview from jail that was posted online last week.

Rodriguez named the actor, Duhamel and Reigns in the interview and cited them as clients in a lawsuit filed in New York.

The lawsuit names them as three of "50 customers in the Eastern District of New York" who were part of a ring that made more than $10 million in the distribution of illegal steroids, Forbes reports.

Wahlberg's rep also denied these allegations to The Wrap earlier in January, saying, "These accusations are completely false."

Rodriguez's Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC was raided by the DEA last February following a year-long investigation, and he was put behind bars.

In an effort to expose his alleged clients, Rodriguez claimed Wahlberg used steroids to bulk up for movie roles when he was required to put on muscle in a short time. He said the actor used the drugs ahead of films like The Fighter, Transformers or Pain & Gain.

Wahlberg previously told Men's Fitness he gained 40 pounds for Pain & Gain, a body-building comedy alongside Dwayne Johnson, by eating 12 meals a day and following a strict, intense weight lifting regimen.

"At the end I'm just trying to clear my name and just make people well aware, there is a lot more people out there that were involved and are associated with my company that many individuals did not know," Rodriguez said in the video.

Rodriguez's law firm, Richard L. Cooper, said their client's comments were meant above all to show the vast use of steroids across all industries.

"While I cannot confirm or deny the allegations made by my client, I can tell you that Mr. Rodriguez's statements were made to shed light on the rampant use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in all areas of sports and entertainment," the firm told the Daily Mail. "His comments only go to show that the problem is not with the supply but with the demand."

Alongside Wahlberg, Duhamel and Reigns have also denied any involvement or use of the illegal drugs.