Mark Consuelos Storms Onto Gym Floor During Son's Wrestling Match, and Onlookers Have Thoughts

Mark Consuelos showed his angrier side in a video shared by TMZ on Saturday. The husband of Live host Kelly Ripa was caught on camera rushing the mat during his 16-year-old son's wrestling match.

The video shows Consuelos and Ripa's son Joaquin getting into a slight slapping match with his opponent that resulted in his headgear being ripped off and the match devolving into bedlam. It was an ugly moment for those in attendance, including the other parents and people filming the event.

The Riverdale star can be seen rushing the mat, forcing the referees to physically hold him back. It garnered a strong reaction from the other parents in attendance but also spread out toward those who followed the story online.

"Mark Consuelos You ran out on the mat at a high school wrestling match?" one person asked on social media. "Seriously!!! How embarrassing for your son!"

"Bwahahaha! Mark gets tossed like a rag doll by that one parent. If Kelly's show is off for the holidays, at least Joaquin won't have to worry about his mom bringing it up on her show!" another added. "Poor kid. Bad day indeed!"

"[Seriously], going at a 16 yr. old? You should be ashamed of yourself." a third chastised the Riverdale actor.

Consuelos still has not commented on the incident or the reports that have spread along with the video. Simsbury Wrestling did release a comment on the TMZ report on their Twitter feed.

"Even though we are not sure yet if [TMZ Sports] is covering the Frank Chaves Invitational at SHS today (starts at 9:45) we still expect the highest levels of sportsmanship!" the tweet from the score read.

Ripa was also in attendance and remained to the side while her husband caused the scene. She remained calm while Consuelos reportedly had to leave to calm down and returned later in the all-day tournament.


There were a few defenders of Consuelos' actions during the event, criticizing his son's opponent as crossing the line.

"Mark Consuelos glad you went up to make your presence known at your son’s wrestling match - what your son’s opponent was doing wasn’t wrestling and for the dip s--- who told you to calm down it’s high school wrestling needs to stop watching WWE and pay attention - loser," the supporter wrote on Twitter.