Marie Osmond Sends off 2020 With Sound Advice That Helped Her Deal With the Tumultuous Year (Exclusive)

2020 was a rough year for many, Marie Osmond included. But the television personality is keeping a positive attitude for the new year. The award-winning singer admitted that she didn't hate 2020 the way some did, opting instead to find the silver lining in it all. While she's aware that so many people across the United States and the world were negatively affected by the pandemic, Osmond told in an exclusive interview, she feels that 2020 "planted a lot of people" and is offering up some sound advice.

"[...] I learned at a very young age to know who I was first," the actress explained, noting that she's been working since she was three-years-old and had to grasp tightly to her foundation growing up in show business. "And to make sure you keep those core values of who you are, and then no matter what the world does, it can all spin around, but you know who you are, you're planted. And I think 2020 planted a lot of people because they got put back in their homes and they saw that their friends and their family, those relationships are more important than anything."

2020 forced millions of lives to adjust to a new normal when it came to everyone's professional and personal schedules. With several workers across America being forced to work from home and with businesses shutting down, the struggle to stay in shape became an even more difficult challenge for many. However, for the 61-year-old, it wasn't as big of an adjustment for her thanks to Nutrisystem. Osmond has been a longtime spokesperson for the weight loss company, one she's incredibly passionate about, and says that because she's learned how to eat with "consistency" she hasn't struggled with her weight through the pandemic.

"[...] What happens is you've skipped breakfast or you skip lunch or you over eat one meal and then you don't eat the other meals [...] it's kind of like this-and-that-and-this-and-that. It's consistency that Nutrisystem taught me that got me on that, the correct highway to life. Because when COVID hit, I didn't put a lot of weight on because my appestat in my brain [...] my body already knew what as healthy [...] if I ate a candy bar it let it go, if I had a bag of chips, it let it go." According to, one's appestat is "the region of the hypothalamus of the brain which is believed to control a person's appetite for food." Osmond said she's stuck with the company for so long because she can tell anyone "story-after-story" of people who have had success with it, just like her.

Osmond is looking forward to quite a bit this year. She's not only gearing up to release a new album, but she's diving back into acting. While she wasn't able to give away too many details on the new movie, she did say it will be one that's uplifting, and in addition to her new on-camera role, she's also going to be part of the production team as well. For more on Marie Osmond and your other favorite celebrities, keep it right here at