Mariah Carey Trolls End of Halloween With Hilarious Christmas Video

Mariah Carey had a holiday stunt locked and loaded for Nov. 1, 2021. The "All I Want For Christmas Is You" singer posted a 30-second video on social media on Monday to celebrate the end of the Halloween season and, apparently, the earliest possible start to the Christmas season. She is getting a lot of feedback from fans with their own ideas about when the holiday is allowed to start.

Carey's video began with an arrangement of Halloween decorations built around three jack-o-lanterns with the phrase "it's not time" carved into them. The singer herself then stepped out the front door with a candy cane-patterned baseball bat and smashed the middle pumpkin to pieces, letting fans know "it's time" just as her iconic yuletide song began playing. She then posed with a pile of presents in a red and white sequined suit.

The video zoomed in on one present with silver wrapping and a red label reading "11/5," possibly telegraphing some big news from Carey coming on Friday, Nov. 5. It ended with a title card reading: "It's time!!! To smash that pumpkin and treat it as pie... Cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving!!!"

Carey has held the unofficial title of "Queen of Christmas" in the pop music world since at least 1994, when she released her album Merry Christmas. It was her fourth studio album and it included three original songs: "All I Want For Christmas Is You," "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)" and "Jesus Born on This Day." It also includes covers of classic Christmas carols like "Silent Night" and "O Holy Night," as well as more recent hits like "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," originally sun by Darlene Love in 1963.

According to a report by Billboard, Carey's Merry Christmas became the number one selling Christmas album of all time in 2015. It was around this time that Carey herself began to focus even more heavily on Christmas as a part of her brand and her pop-cultural identity.


"The crazy thing about it is, every year it tends to increase in popularity," she told Billboard at the time. "I'm very thankful that people seem to still have an attachment to it. It makes me feel good when people tell me that it's part of their lives."

If the hint in her new video is anything to go by, Carey has something special for Christmas lovers coming later this week. So far, she has given no further hints about what it could be.