Margot Robbie Opens up About Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Margot Robbie is using her platform as one of Hollywood's leading actresses to support those who are coming forward with accounts of sexual assault.

The I, Tonya actress sat down with Vogue to to discuss a variety of topics including how she aims to empower female creatives in the entertainment industry and her empowering speech at the Women in Film awards, which took place the week before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

From there, Robbie went into how "resilient" the women who've come forward are and how she's glad to see the industry shifting in a new direction.

“To me, when I think of women, I think the word that sums up women so well but isn’t used as often as it should be is ‘resilient’,” Robbie said. “Women are so resilient and I think the response to the whole Weinstein situation kind of proved that. Because it’s astounding how quickly everyone pivoted from being heartbroken about the news to, how do we move forward? How can we move forward? What good can come out of this? Everyone was so supportive immediately and then automatically looking to the future, which made me even more proud to be a woman."

She then went on praise an idea brought up by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, which involved a "support network" for women in the entertainment industry who've been affected by harassment and/or assault in the workplace.


“Like at the awards the other night, [producer] Kathleen Kennedy was speaking about starting a fund so that there can be a support network if you’re ever put in a situation like this and there’s money behind it and there’s the resources, and there’s the people to turn to and there’s a solution," Robbie said. "It’s not just like: ‘Let’s talk about it,’ it’s like: ‘What’s the actual solution?’ and everyone on that night was like: ‘I would firmly stand behind this.’ I think there’s also the fact that everyone kept coming forward, so I think that proves there’s going to be positive change out of it."

"People have come forward before and people will keep coming forward in the future, I hope. And if they’re not comfortable to do that, then let’s make it even easier to do. Let’s set up a fund, let’s set up some kind of support network system that works and people have a place to turn to. I think that would be the ideal,” she added.