'Manhunt' Star Cameron Britton Addresses Whether He'd Return to 'The Umbrella Academy' (Exclusive)

Although Netflix has not yet announced whether The Umbrella Academy will return for Season 3, one [...]

Although Netflix has not yet announced whether The Umbrella Academy will return for Season 3, one former cast member is down to make another appearance if it does. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com for his series Manhunt: Deadly Games, actor Cameron Britton, who portrays Hazel in the time-traveling drama, said he would "love" to come back to the show to reprise the fan-favorite character.

Hazel's fate took a turn for the worst toward the beginning of the Netflix series' sophomore season, which premiered this past July. But because the series incorporates time-traveling elements, there's no telling whether his character could reappear in a different timeline or fashion. If there is some way Hazel could return, Britton would be on board with it. "I'm always trusting of whatever [showrunner] Steve Blackman is going to do with these folks," the actor told PopCulture.com. "He'll do what's best for the show. I would love to be back."

As Britton continued to explain, it would be incredibly meaningful to reprise Hazel as the character holds a special place in his heart. "Hazel's a celebration for me because, at that time, I just didn't feel like I can be a man. I felt like a boy," he said. "I felt like I was perceived as a boy in life and that it's just not possible for me to play a man. And they talk about it a lot, with them embracing their femininity and womanhood. And I think it's a thing for men in their 20s as well. Some of them just haven't quite embraced their masculinity in a good way. And I found that with Hazel."

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Britton's time on The Umbrella Academy left a lasting impact on him, too — one that has not only affected his career as an actor but his personal growth, as well. "I felt, moving forward, I feel confident playing men. I could play a soldier or something like that," the Mindhunter star shared. "That was pretty cool. I love playing that guy, and it was daunting at first because he doesn't have a backstory, he doesn't have a personality, so I had to just figure it all out. And you only have a small amount of time to do it because the show is totally focused on Hazel. So I feel like the first few episodes, he's not quite there, but partway through season one, you start seeing the character come to life."

The experience didn't go without its own fulfilling reward of relationships; he sincerely and humble cherishes. "I met a lot of great friends on that one," he said. "So, Umbrella will always be really special."

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