Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama Reunite for Halloween Tradition 16 Years After Breakup

Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama gave hope to everyone who wants to stay friends with an ex, as [...]

Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama gave hope to everyone who wants to stay friends with an ex, as they attended a Halloween show together this weekend.

Moore and Valderrama dated many years ago as teenagers, when Moore was just 15 years old. While they both have since moved on, they remain close friends to this day — so close that they have a yearly tradition attending the Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights together each October. They each documented the trip in posts on social media.

(Photo: Instagram @wilmervalderrama)

"Traditions are special... and sometimes, scary?" Valderrama wrote on Instagram. "Haha #Halloween is my favorite time of the year, only saw it play out in movies... in Venezuela we had carnivals, so as a young kid I hoped for one day I could experience it in America... and well it was all that and a bag of chips. Thank you @unistudios for another amazing #UniversalHHN. The tradition lives on."

He posted another picture of himself with Moore and a friend, Raina Penchansky, sitting in a recreation of the iconic Stranger Things living room set.

"Channeling our inner Winona Ryder," he wrote. "We've done #StrangerThings."

(Photo: Instagram / @wilmervalderrama)

Moore posted videos of the trio heading into the event on her Story, where she explained that Penchansky would be "a target" because of her pink sweatshirt.

"Raina decided to wear bright pink to Halloween Horror Night. She is just... a target," she said.

Another video — later published by The Blast — showed Valderrama explaining the old tradition between them as he walked up the steps. "This is a tradition, right?" she asked.

"It's a yearly tradition," he confirmed. "Mandy and I take the horror of Halloween Horror Night."

Their Instagram Stories documented the high production value horrors they faced inside the park, and they clung together despite their long-past history.

"Alright Mandy, first place," Valderrama warned as they walked into a shadowy exhibit. Moore latched on to his shoulder as he braced himself for what turned out to be a spooky mechanic shop.

These days, Moore is engaged to Taylor Goldsmith, the frontman from folk rock band Dawes.

Valderrama, meanwhile, has been seemingly single since his six-year relationship with Demi Lovato from 2010 to 2016.