Mandy Moore Slams 'Petulant Child' Donald Trump During Debate: 'That Man Is Toxic'

Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump engaged in the first presidential debate on Tuesday. While it was due to be a debate about topics such as COVID-19 and the economy, it was filled with jabs, interruptions, and arguing between the two nominees for the presidency. Many viewers, including actor Mandy Moore, weighed in on social media to discuss the debate. In the This Is Us star's case, she did not hold back her feelings on the president.

On Twitter, Moore, who recently announced that she was expecting her first child, said that she "tried watching" the event but that she couldn't any longer because of her pregnancy and Trump's "toxic" behavior. In her message, she called the president "embarrassing" and questioned how anyone could vote for him. She ended her tweet by calling Trump "an angry, petulant child." Many of Moore's fans responded that they agreed with her sentiment, which has garnered over 8,000 likes and counting.

Moore has long been critical of Trump and his administration. Not only has she been critical of Trump, but she has been open about supporting Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris. Most recently, it was announced that stars such as Moore and Andy Cohen would be fundraising for Biden via Cameo, a video-sharing site that allows fans to pay for personalized clips from their favorite celebrities. As CNN noted, the celebrities' profiles will be labeled with the Biden for President campaign logo and all of the funds that are raised via these Cameo videos will go towards the former vice president's campaign.

Christian Tom, the campaign's director of digital partnerships, said about this collaboration, "This partnership is a prime example of how this year may have upended the election cycle, but it also presented new opportunities to broaden our digital reach and tap into the groundswell of grassroots support we are seeing for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris." He added that the campaign is "grateful" that these celebrities have agreed to become involved in this partnership.