Macy Gray Fans Concerned After She Says She's a 'Vampire'

Fans of American R&B and soul singer-songwriter Macy Gray are growing concerned after she claimed that she is a "vampire" and wants to "bite people." The bizarre statement came during a recent appearance on the British talk show Lorraine, during which Gray opened up about a recent hospitalization.

"I'm a vampire," Gray told host Lorraine Kelly when asked about her hospital stay. "I have a low blood count, so like every two or three years I run out of blood... I want to just go bite people, but it's illegal."

While Kelly advised that Gray "maybe don't do that," the interview sparked concern among fans, who took to social media to weigh in on the peculiar exchange.

"How can they let Macy Gray on TV in that state???" one person asked, using the hashtag "#Lorraine."

"Gosh stop the interview there's something wrong with her!" another wrote.

"What's up with Macy Gray, she seems a bit out of it???!!!" another tweeted.

"I'm not sure this Lorraine Kelly interview with Macy Gray was such a great idea," a fourth commented.

However, some felt that others were being a bit too harsh with their comments given Gray's health crisis.

"#MacyGray Unfair. She's been ill - has a low blood count," one person wrote. "She's tired that's all. And doing well."

The bizarre interview and the subsequent fan concern came just three days after Gray revealed in an Instagram post that she had been hospitalized.

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"I'm on tour and I wound up in the hospital in Rotterdam," she said in a video from her hospital bed. "Not for you to feel sorry for me or not, I'm going to be fine... I just want all y'all up and coming artists to know like you go on Instagram and you see all these people posting pictures with their Bentleys and their jets, but I'm just telling you the other side of it is, you get exhausted. (Expletive) is hard work."

According to the Daily Mail, Gray's hospitalization and the Lorraine interview come just a month after she denied rumors that something was wrong during her "shambolic and awkward" TV interview on Loose Women in November. Explaining the concerning behavior, Gray said that she "was just doing my thing."