Louis C.K. Accuser Regrets Staying Silent So Long

One of the women who came forward to accuse comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct publicly addressed the scandal for the time, stating that she regrets remaining silent for so long.

"When you're that powerful and you're generating that kind of money and you can literally knight someone's life by giving them a show, you know, that's what going to happen," Rebecca Corry said in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

Corry is one of five women who came forward in a New York Times expose to accuse Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct. She alleged that C.K. requested to masturbate in front of her, but she declined the offer. At the time, she was a performer and producer of a television pilot with C.K. and claims that she remained silent because she feared the show's production would be cancelled and was worried about the effect it would have on the cast and crew. In her own words, she didn't want to be "part of the narrative" that she was forced into.

"I wanted to sort of pretend like it never happened," Corry said. "I mean, I wanted to do my job. Those opportunities are few and far between. I most certainly didn't want to be the person that was responsible for shutting down a production, or even being part of the narrative."

In the years since the incident occurred, Corry says that she has come to realize that she'd do things differently now if she could go back in time.


"I would have confronted it, and I would have dealt with it then. Because I have learned that doing nothing, saying nothing, is not helpful."

C.K., who has since claimed that the allegations against him are true, has faced a massive fallout. His upcoming film I Love You, Daddy is no longer set to be released through its distributor, the Orchard, and multiple programs that he was set to appear in have been cancelled.