Logan Paul Just Did the Strangest Interview on Fox, and Fans Are Floored

YouTube sensation Logan Paul gave an interview on Fox Business Network on Tuesday, and many viewers had trouble making sense of it. Paul was there to talk about the different platforms available for online creators, but he seemed to have trouble putting down his online persona.

Fans of The Claman Countdown on Fox Business Network were scratching their heads on Tuesday afternoon when Logan Paul dropped by for a chat. The 24-year-old social media star weighed in on the apparent bidding war between YouTube and Facebook, both trying to court high-profile creators like him. In the process, he said that "YouTube does a better job of monetizing for the creators."

Beyond that, however, fans were focused on some of the other odd quotes to come out of Paul's interview. In the course of the appearance he admitted to having pink eye, apologized to host Liz Claman for possibly infecting her and even got vulnerable about his real financial anxiety.

Of course, Paul also commented on 2017's explosive video where he filmed a dead body in Japan's infamous "suicide forest," enraging social media and raising questions about checks and balances for YouTube content available to children. However, Paul would not accept the label "controversial."

"I do have to stop you right there. You used the word controversial… just so you know I am an ex-controversial YouTuber, that's no longer me, we kind of graduated," he said.

As for his finances, he stated plainly that his "expenses just surpassed my income for the first time ever," citing his own financial manager.

"Like, I'm definitely going downhill from here," he said. "Yeah, absolutely, I'm terrified. I think it's the beginning of the end."

Still, elsewhere in the interview Paul's typical bravado shined through. He referred to himself as "the fastest YouTuber -- the fastest entertainer on the planet," adding: "I could be the quickest man on the planet." At that point, Claman had to explain to the audience that they were talking about a celebrity foot race he was organizing.

Finally, we can't ignore Paul's strange interjection about pink eye as he touched his own face.

"I also have pink-eye," he said, apropos of nothing. And so this whole thing is like, I don't even... It's not contagious. No, it is. It's -- there's a two-week incubation period. I'm so sorry."


Paul's interview made the rounds on social media over night, as journalist Jordan Uhl edited together some of the strangest clips into a single video. Viewers speculated that Paul was on drugs in the interview, while others argued that he was acting strangely because he knew it would get exactly this kind of media attention. Paul himself dropped in good-natured commentary from time to time, but did not attempt to explain himself.