Logan Paul Spurs Controversy With Comments About Being YouTuber

Logan Paul is back in the center of controversy, this time for his comments about YouTube, the very platform that catapulted him to viral stardom.

In a lengthy text post shared to his Instagram Story on Saturday, March 23, the 23-year-old YouTube personality claimed that being a YouTuber is "whack" while suggesting that he may be ready to move on from the platform and take his voice, videos, and controversy elsewhere.

"YouTube's dope," Paul's post began. "Internet based content is awesome. But I have a deep desire to do MORE. Stand-up. Comedy. Music. Directing. Films. Writing."

"I'm just stuck in a loop where my stupid millennial brain is so satisfied with the instant gratification that social media provides," he explained. "Post a vlog. Get views. Post a pic. Get likes…it's like I've been conditioned to lack the patience of investing in deeper art of entertainment."

"Do I continue making internet s–? Or do I take 1-2 years of low-profile character building to become a super entertainer?" he questioned. "I don't want to be a youtuber for the rest of my life. F– that. In fact, I think being a "youtuber" I whack…it's a very limiting pigeonhole that will not provide the longevity of stardom im looking for…SOME1 GIVE ME ANSWERS PLS."

(Photo: Instagram / @loganpaul)

Although Paul had been seeking advice in his quarter-life crisis, his post was met with a round of criticism and controversy, including from other big name YouTubers and celebrities slamming him for discrediting the site and appearing unthankful.

In a video shared to his Twitter account, Drama Alert host Daniel 'KEEMSTAR' Keem addressed Paul and his embarrassment at being a YouTube sensation.

"Dude, what is wrong with you, bro?" he asked. "This mainstream Hollywood stuff… It's thousands of people getting together to create a piece of work. But when you're a YouTuber, it's really just you and a small team producing content. And if you're a successful YouTuber like you have been, that says something because YouTube is democratic. The people are picking the winners and losers."


"When I hear this s– from YouTubers where they're like embarrassed of being a YouTuber, I feel like you're missing it. You don't get it," he continued. "YouTube and being YouTubers is the new wave, and if you conquered that, you've conquered the future."

Fans also slammed Paul, suggesting that his sudden disinterest in the platform could stem from a potential decline of his channel or even be a result of YouTube's response to his January 2018 video filmed in Japan's Aokigahara Forest, better known as the Suicide Forest.