How Much Does Logan Paul Make?

Logan Paul's quirky YouTube videos may get him in hot water, but they're also making him filthy rich.

The internet personality infuriated social media Monday when he posted a now-deleted video, "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest." In the clip, he documented his journey through the Aokigahara forest and filmed a body hanging by a noose near Mt. Fuji.

While the video disgusted some, the 15-minute footage generated more than six million views before it was removed. Paul insisted he had not monetized the video — but normally, each of those views would've put cash in Paul's deep pockets.

But just how much does the social media mogul make for his video antics?

Paul's estimated net worth is $15 million, Coed reports, based on income from his two YouTube channels' viewership, social media posts and entertainment appearances.

Japan will never be the same 🇯🇵

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His largest source of income comes from his Logan Paul Vlogs channel on YouTube, which has more than eight million subscribers and a combined one billion views. The channel averages 10 million hits per day, generating about $18,000 per day ($6.6 million a year) in ad revenue.

Paul also hosts a main channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, which has 4.2 million subscribers and a total 355.6 million views. As of mid-2017, this page earned the media maker $260 per day ($95,000 a year).

As an early adopter of the now-defunct social media app Vine, Paul gained popularity (and earned hundreds of thousands in advertising dollars) filming six-second comedy videos for fans.

His media savvy led to ad deals with Pepsi, HBO and Hanes, among others. According to Forbes, Paul makes $150,000 per Facebook post and $80,000 for sponsored content on Instagram.

Beyond social media fame, Paul landed acting gigs on broadcast shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Stitchers. He also wrote a screenplay for and starred in adult comedy film, Airplane Mode, a "Gen Z" version of American Pie, he called it.

Though Paul is no stranger to controversy, his insensitive suicide video led him to become one of Twitter's trending topics on New Year's Day, sparking outrage from social media users.

The media mogul issued a written apology on Twitter Monday evening and posted a video to express remorse on Tuesday.

"I'm often reminded of how big of a reach I truly have & with great power comes great responsibility," he wrote in part to followers. "For the first time in my life I'm regretful to say I handles that power incorrectly. It won't happen again."


In his video apology, Paul reiterated his message of remorse and promised to "be better."

Photo credit: Instagram / @loganpaul