Lizzo's Lakers Outfit Slammed as 'Unhygienic' by Some Onlookers

Lizzo probably wasn't expecting to be all over the headlines when she decided to attend the Los Angels Lakers-Minnesota Timberwolves game on Sunday night. In what maybe was supposed to be a chill night sitting courtside, Lizzo found herself getting time on the jumbotron screen, and she took full advantage of it.

The "Truth Hurts" singer broke out into a twerk and in an NSFW moment, didn't leave much to the imagination when cameras caught her dancing.

The scene has led to many chatter on social media calling it a bit inappropriate especially when children are watching the game and in attendance. Lizzo's attire -- which basically was a black dress with not much material on the backside -- has been a hot topic throughout Monday and was at the forefront of an article on Jezebel.

"Here’s the truth: the dress is a cool, good, fun look," Maria Sherman, the article's author, said. "She should be able to trot around with her butt out at a family-friendly event; Americans could stand to be less prudish. However, I cannot stop thinking about her exposed a— and... other sensitive areas... sitting on a stadium seat. That s— is so gross! Maybe she placed a jacket underneath her booty?"

A user on Twitter also shared a similar sentiment with a tweet that read, "My sister’s main concern with Lizzo’s outfit is the fact that her entire butt was on those dirty stadium chairs."

At the end of the Jezebel article, the author wrapped it up by saying, "Maybe next time Lizzo could consider keeping the Instagram outfit on Instagram and not on the streets. You know, for her health."

While her outfit stole the show at the game, Lizzo also found some time shoot her shot with the Minnesota Timberwolves star player, Karl-Anthony Towns.

While being interview by a sideline reporter, Lizzo let it be known she was feeling some type of way about the former No. 1 overall pick.


“I’m personally cheering for number 32... Mhmm, that’s my baby,” Lizzo said in reference to Karl-Anthony Towns.

She then broke out in rhythm to "Truth Hurts," singing the remixed words, “New man on the Minnesota Timberwolves," as opposed to the original "New man on the Minnesota Vikings."