Lizzo Spotted in Concert in Gift-Wrapped Suit and Social Media Has Thoughts

Following her big night at the American Music Awards, Lizzo was spotted at a concert in Florida, donning a gift-wrapped suit that social media has some thoughts about. In photos published by the Daily Mail, the 31-year-old singer is seen delivering an energetic performance in a bodysuit wrapped up with a red sequins in the shape of a holiday bow. Many have commented on the outfit, with one person tweeting, "Sweety she is serving fabulous and I oop and I oop."

"Don't you just hate it when there's not enough wrapping paper!" someone else joked, while another person tweeted, "That's a whole lot of lovin right there."

Not everyone was a fan of the outfit, however, as one person said, "Love you girl but damn that’s just too much." Another wrote, "Stop. Just stop now. We get it, you’re confident. So stop."

The singer has her defenders though, with one supporter hitting back at critics by stating that other female artists "twerk all day, but Lizzo show a lil booty meat and yall throwin salt... smh... let's talk about toxic femininity for a lil bit."

"I saw Lizzo in person and her face alone cured my depression, solved my money problems, and cleared my acne," another fan of the singer said.

Lizzo's celebratory outfit isn't the only thing about the singer that has social media talking today, as she also recently posted some photos to her Instagram that show the "Truth Hurts" singer baring all.

In the photos, Lizzo is posed on a couch and she appears to be wearing nothing. She strategically uses her long hair to hide anything too sensitive for social media, and fans have been bombarding the post with comments.

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"There are no words to describe how next level this is! Thank you for being unapologetic and unafraid. The world needs more Lizzo!!!" one person exclaimed.


"Are you freakin kidding me with the goals right here!!" another fan wrote, cheering the singer on for her body positive post.

Photo Credit: Getty Images