Lizzo Posts Nude Crawling Video and Twitter Is on Fire

Lizzo had fans reeling on Sunday with her latest nude Twitter post. The rapper appeared to wear [...]

Lizzo had fans reeling on Sunday with her latest nude Twitter post. The rapper appeared to wear nothing but her hair as she crawled on all fours toward the camera. The video picked up over 20,000 likes and counting.

Lizzo's new Twitter post left little to the imagination, but fans did not seem to mind. The rapper's hair hung down in front of her, obscuring anything R-rated, yet it still seemed clear that she was naked. She gave the camera a sultry look, matching the caption: "Omw."

Of course, fans were all about the new six-second clip, which is just the latest in Lizzo's daring string of nude photo ops. The responses were filled with appreciation and compliments.

"WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?" one fan asked.

"She don't need any," responded another.

"Thank you for making me fell good about my self I've never felt so proud of being me until you showed up I fell totally 'good as hell' and I f—ing love my 'juice' thank you so so much Queen," a third person tweeted.

Soon after the video went up, Lizzo seemed to respond to the fan reaction in another tweet that read: "Thanks y'all I love u," with a wide-eyed emoji. After that, she shared fan art drawn based on the video as well. She wrote "Hang it in the louvre" alongside some of these renderings.

Of course, there were some negative comments as well, but the overwhelming majority of Lizzo's fandom was positive, and they shouted down detractors wherever they could. Lizzo's message of unfiltered self-love and body positivity has struck a chord with a huge audience in recent months, and it shows no signs of slowing now.

This is far from the first time Lizzo has posed nude. The singer's album cover — and by extension, her Twitter AVI photo — show her sitting nude in front of a plain black background, her arms and legs just barely covering herself, and her hair hanging down behind her in a long trail.

Lizzo has been working hard to break into the mainstream music industry for years, but this year's studio debut Cuz I Love You was a huge quantum leap for her popularity. It was her first release since 2015, and put her on the map as a household name across lots of different media.

In her first year of mainstream success, Lizzo has already starred in two major motion pictures — the animated kids' movie UglyDolls and the hip-hop powerhouse Hustlers, alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and many others. She has also made TV appearances, including one episode of 2 Dope Queens on HBO.

This month, Lizzo will take another huge step by performing as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Her episode premieres on Dec. 21 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.