Lizzo Looks Picturesque in Viral Photo Taken in Lakers-Timberwolves Crowd

Despite the controversy surrounding her skin-bearing outfit, Lizzo looked picturesque as she was [...]

Despite the controversy surrounding her skin-bearing outfit, Lizzo looked picturesque as she was photographed sitting courtside in the Lakers-Timberwolves crowd Sunday night. The rapper, who just weeks ago took the stage at the American Music Awards to perform her hit "Jerome," was spotted among fans at the Staples Center as the two teams battled it out on the court.

Although some fans corrected the rapper on her spelling of the Louvre, many agreed that the image deserved to be hanging among the many other iconic pieces of arts in the famed art museum.

"It's like a renaissance painting," one wrote.

"You are art," a second tweeted.

"The Mona Lizzo," another commented, making a pun of Leonardo da Vinci's famous portrait.

"You are beautiful and confident and I love that," a fourth shared.

However, not everyone was applauding the rapper's skin-baring outfit, which featured a black t-shirt dress with the backside cut out, with some critiquing it for being inappropriate for the setting while others flat-out called for Lizzo to be banned from future Lakers' home games.

"Wow, can't believe she would show up like that (and they let her in with her butt hanging out) at a family event," one person commented. "I think she's sexy, but she shouldn't be dressed like that there."

"Deserves a lifetime Ban from the [NBA] [Staples Center]," another encouraged. "But of course the feminist not gone say nothing about this."

"Be who you wanna be but do really need to be ass out at a NBA game?" another asked. "Kids are at these games. I'm as liberal as they come but you doing too damn much."

Lizzo seemingly paid little attention to the backlash, and just hours later she capitalized on her name being the headlines when she dropped the music video for her single "Good As Hell." Set during Homecoming Week 2019 at Louisiana's Southern University, the video follows real students as they prepare for the game and shows Lizzo showing up to help, with her beloved flute, Sasha Flute, ready to join in.

The video marked the second such video for the single, which was initially released in 2016 as part of her Coconut Oil EP. The song gained popularity after Lizzo performed it along with Number One single "Truth Hurts" at the MTV Video Music Awards.