Lisa Marie Presley's Ex Husband Scores Victory in Ongoing Case Due to 'Elvis' Biopic Payoff

Lisa Marie Presley's ex-husband Michael Lockwood scored a victory in their ongoing spousal and child support case, due to possible payoffs from the upcoming Elvis biopic. According to Radar, the musician filed a request that he be allowed more time to investigate Presley's finances, and a Los Angeles Superior Court judge signed off on the motion. Lockwood's request is centered around potential money she could receive from the forthcoming film, as well as a recent $4 million book deal she signed. Radar reports that Lockwood does not have evidence of Presley being paid for her father's biopic, but he feels he has the right to know for sure. 

The former couple's next court date has now been pushed back to June. In addition to his search for Presley's recent financial windfalls, Lockwood also is asking that the court force her to turn over her tax records from the past few years. "Presley has significant income for purposes of a child support calculation, due to continuing and recurring distributions Presley receives from her trust(s) and from the significant assets including her family business, Presley's father was Elvis Presley, a world-famous entertainer and one of the most successful people in show business history," his attorney wrote in a motion. "Presley is Elvis' sole heir and as such is an owner of Graceland and interests in Elvis' recordings, songs, merchandise rights, and life story rights."

Presley and Lockwood married in 2006. They share two fraternal twin daughters: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood. Presley filed for divorce in 2016. At the time, she accused Lockwood of possessing child pornography on his personal computer. In court papers filed by Presley, regarding the content she discovered on his computer, she stated, "I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach. I have no idea what else may be on those devices and fear that there are more and worse images and evidence in these unanalyzed devices."


Lockwood later lashed out at Presley over the claims in a legal statement. "I am disgusted that (she) described unproven allegations about a declaration that she filed in this court's publicly accessible records," he wrote in court papers. "As I experienced during our more than 10-year marriage and as I believe this court will learn (Presley) has great difficulty being honest and she rarely, if ever, accepts personal responsibility for her own wrongdoing." He went on to say, "It is particularly distasteful that (she) has placed more value on trying to damage my reputation than on the fact that her false statements may be brought to our daughters' attention." Presley and Lockwood's divorce was reportedly finalized sometime in 2021.