Lisa Marie Presley's Daughter Riley Keough Lives It up in New 'Party Girl' Photo

Actress Riley Keough is loving life in her latest snap. The actress posed for a joyous photo while out and about. She is seen at an outdoor table at a restaurant as she holds a glass and a bottle of an unknown beverage. She wears a white crop top with silver, high-waisted paints as she gives a big smile for the camera.

(Photo: Instagram / @rileykeough)

The fun-filled photo has been liked more than 13,000 times since it was uploaded.

A day earlier, Keough, who is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, posted another fun shot, this time with a friend. As they wore robes and lounged around, she said that it was a "business meeting" for her company Felix Culpa.

(Photo: Instagram / @rileykeough)

Keough, who has scored roles in Mad Max: Fury Road and Riverdale, founded the production company in 2017 with the help of Gina Gammell, who produced Keough's movies Welcome the Stranger and Dixieland.

The pair said at the time of Felix Culpa's launch that they wanted to bring "new, compelling" projects into the world, several of which had strong female narratives.

"Gina and I are so excited to launch Felix Culpa with three distinctive, character-driven stories," Keough told Deadline in 2017. "We are, very simply, lovers of film and literature. Our company is dedicated to developing material that gives a voice to talent and stories that deserve attention and need to be heard."

Gammell added, "While Riley and I are interested in telling all kinds of human stories, as women filmmakers, we are proud that the first three projects out of the gate for Felix Culpa happen to feature wild, complicated, intelligent female protagonists. We look forward to discovering new, compelling material to bring to the screen."


Presley's daughter, Keough, 30, is also granddaughter of music icon Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley. She is one of four children, two of which Lisa Marie had with ex Danny Keough.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @rileykeough