Lindsay Lohan Bitten by Snake During Hike in Thailand

Lindsay Lohan's Thai vacation took a turn for the worse when she was bitten by a snake.

(Photo: Instagram / @lindsaylohan)

The 31-year-old actress revealed her snake bite in a video on her Instagram story on Thursday.

In the first video post, Lohan showed her six million followers the view from her location in Phuket, Thailand.

"I love this, it's so beautiful, amazing place...aside from my snake bite," she said, panning the camera over to the inside of her ankle to reveal red marks from a snake bite.

In the second video, she said, "Hi! I'm still in Phuket in Thailand, it's beautiful here and yeah I got bit by a snake on a hike the other day."

But the actress assured her fans she was doing OK after the incident.

"The positive side of it is, I'm OK. Happy New Year and God bless. Ciao," Lohan said in another video. She then added later, "Actually my shaman told me it was good luck and positive energy so God bless."

Lohan spent Christmas in Thailand, and has not lived in the United States in years. She first moved away from L.A. to London in 2014 and has since moved to Dubai.

Last week, it was reported that she owes the Internal Revenue Service over $100,000 in unpaid taxes from 2010, 2014 and 2015. This isn't the first time Lohan has faced a tax lein. In 2013, TMZ reported that the IRS was after Lohan for unpaid taxes in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

On Friday, Dec. 22, Lohan threw her fans for a loop with a bizarre Instagram post that many mistook for a pregnancy announcement.

The actress posted a drawing by artist Mark Ryden, which depicted a small naked woman lying on her back. The figure in the drawing has a hole in her abdomen, with an umbilical cord leading a floating head above her with its eyes closed. The post has since been deleted.

It's the caption that had many followers scratching their heads. "Life is life. #MeToo" Lohan wrote beneath the artwork.

Of course, the #MeToo tag led many to believe that the post was Lohan's admission that she was sexually harassed or abused, as so many women have used the hashtag in the past three months to come forward about traumatic experiences.

People also took the attached image as an implication that Lohan had become pregnant due to a sexual assault, and perhaps lost the baby.


Fans posited that this was a characteristically cryptic pregnancy announcement from the star, who has had no trouble making headlines throughout her career.

However, according to a GossipCop, an anonymous source close to Lohan confirms that she was merely posting some artwork she's a fan of. In the confusing aftermath, she removed the picture to stop the influx of unwarranted questions.