Lindsay Lohan Unveiled as the Face of

Lindsay Lohan is back in front of the cameras again, this time taking on the role of being the new [...]

Lindsay Lohan is back in front of the cameras again, this time taking on the role of being the new face of

In her first ad for the website, Lohan reveals that the irony of her being the spokesperson for is not lost on her, joking that when they first reached out to her she thought she "was in trouble."

She goes on to explain that she met with the team from the site and revealed that they are "just about helping people," who for example, get a DUI.

Lohan then makes a reference to her own multiple DUI arrests in a very tongue-in-cheek manner.

Regarding Lohan's qualifications for the spokesperson role,'s CEO Gerald Gorman said, "With Lindsay's help many more consumers can delight in the ease and speed of our services. Our team is already benefiting from Lindsay's world class experience and we have many exciting plans for the 12 month engagement."

Speaking to The Daily Mail about filming the ads for her new position, Lohan said, "It's a website to connect people to lawyers in whatever specialized field they are searching for. We shot a bunch of funny adverts for it. We actually filmed all of them in Dubai."

Interestingly, Lohan hasn't lived in the United States for some time, but recently dished on whether she'd consider moving back, and what might make her do it.

A TMZ cameraman caught up to Lohan in New York City earlier this week and told her that she was missed in the States, then asked the actress if she had "any plans to move back."

"For music, maybe," Lohan replied. The cameraman then asked, "Any chance you're going to play Ariel in The Little Mermaid?"

"I wish. I hope so," Lohan said smiling. In 2017, it was revealed that Disney was planning a live-action remake of the classic animated film with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Menken, composer of the music for the original 1989 film, rumored to be handling the music.

Lohan quickly threw her name in the ring to play the red-headed half-human-half-fish with a voice of gold. "I will sing again, as [Ariel]," the 30-year-old wrote on social media

Before she rushed off, the TMZ cameraman again said to Lohan, "We miss you here." To which she fired back, "I feel safe in Dubai."

Lohan moved away from L.A. in 2014 and took up residence in London, but has now moved to Dubai, as she mentioned.