Lindsay Lohan Dishes on the 'Disney Curse' and Returning to Acting

In a new interview, Lindsay Lohan has dished on the "Disney Curse" and shared details about her return to acting.

While speaking with Variety, Lohan opened up about her past substance abuse struggles saying that she has put that time of her life behind her and wishes others would do the same.

"Ten years ago. I just don't want to seem like a martyr. But it's in the past," she said. "I always say to people, 'You do realize that was over 10 years ago?' But it was definitely unfair and unjust at certain times, especially as a girl."

"I worked at the morgue [as part of a judge's ruling for violating probation after allegedly stealing a necklace]. I've been through the ringer. It was horrible," Lohan continued. "But from those things, I became a lot stronger.

She then went on to say that she doesn't believe in the "Disney Curse," which is a term associated with the fact that a number of former Disney child actors have wound up with legal trouble and substance abuse issues.

"It was different then. There was less protection. So maybe that was the struggle," Lohan explained. "People know you so young and people are chasing you, and then instead of going to college, you have a month or two months off and you want to go to a club and that's 'bad.' I don't think there's any curse with Disney. That's just a dark thing to say. If anything, it was a blessing, because we're all still here."

Lohan later spoke about her acting career, admiting that she loves acting because it is her "passion." She also confessed to enjoying working "behind the scenes" as well, though.

"If I'm not filming at the moment, I need to be creative somehow. I can't just sit and do nothing," she shared. "If I'm not on a set, then I'd rather do something, so I started my own company — Seven Wonders Prods. — and I like that it's just mine and that I don't have to answer to people anymore. I can just do it myself. It's nice to have that power back. I want to keep acting and maybe directing."


"I'm attached to a movie that I'm producing called Frame that will shoot in Saudi Arabia, which is a really interesting story about an American girl photographer who moves to teach a class in Saudi Arabia. We're raising the financing for that," she added, sharing what acting projects she currently has in the pipeline. "I bought a book called The Honeymoon. We'll turn that into either a series or film. I don't know yet."

Fans can currently catch Lohan on her new MTV reality series Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which premiers Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. ET.