Lance Bass Reveals He's Related to Britney Spears

Lance Bass has more than music in common with Britney Spears! The former NSYNC member learned he was actually related to the "Toxic" singer in Monday's episode of Ancestry's 2 Lies & A Leaf while appearing as a guest on the show with husband Michael Turchin. No one could have seen what was coming next when the two were asked, "Which unexpected distant relative is a part of Lance's musical family tree?"

Given the choices of Spears, Faith Hill and Elvis Presley, Bass guessed the King of Rock 'n' Roll. "I really hope it's Britney, but there's no way," Bass said. Turchin, meanwhile, chose the Queen of Pop, but both were shocked when it was revealed Spears was actually his sixth cousin, once removed. "Are you kidding me?" Bass gasped. "I don't care about losing because this is amazing!"

"I wanted to find out I was related to the Queen, turns out I'm related to the Queen of Pop — and that's even better," Bass continued as he reeled from the news. "That is so crazy, though, cause I feel like she's my little sister and this whole time she's been my little cousin." It may have been a surprise, but Bass said the news he's cousins with Spears "makes sense," as they were born just an hour away from one another in Mississippi. 

Looking back, Bass could see the connection. "For some reason, I've always felt we looked like family, even when we were kids," the musician said. In his interview with Ancestry, Bass continued of his connection with his fellow pop star, "Britney and I have known each other since we were children, and when I think back to when we'd be on the road together, the thing I loved most about her is that she was just so much fun."

"She's a very funny person and she just made me laugh so much," he continued of their days in the '90s and '00s in the same entertainment circles. "She's the type of person that you're watching the movie, and she keeps nudging you like 'Who's that? Why did they do that?' and I'd be like 'I don't know, we're watching the same movie.'"