Lady Gaga Debuts Wild Pink Hair and Face Changes in New Instagram Posts

Lady Gaga recently debuted a wild new pink hairstyle and some costumed facial changes, in new Instagram posts hyping up fans for her new song dropping this week, "Stupid Love." In the first post, Gaga shared a photo of herself with the new hairdo, revealing her face covered in accessories and what appears to be Samurai-esque armor. Fans are loving the look — and are even more excited about the new song.

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"All grammys nominees withdraw better for their prestige or dignity as well," wrote one fan.

The second post is a brief clip for the new "Stupid Love" music video, and features a much more stripped down Gaga, posing with a number of other costumed characters.

"'STUPID LOVE' THE SINGLE & MUSIC VIDEO OUT FRIDAY 2/28 AT MIDNIGHT ET," the caption to the post reads.

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The new tune will mark the first music from Gaga since her work on the Oscar-winning film A Star is Born, which won her an Academy Award for Best Original Song. The track is her first single off of her upcoming sixth studio album. He last full-length solo album was 2016s Joanne.

In 2019, she sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a new ELLE magazine interview, nearly 10 years after the first time she was interviewed by the iconic talk show host.

Reflecting on how she views her growth as an individual and as an artist, Gaga said, "I think as my career has grown and changed and I've done different things, I've become very mindful of my position in the world and my responsibility to humanity and to those who follow me. And I consider myself to be a kindness punk."


She added: "I look back at everything I've done, and I look at what I'm doing now, and punks, you know, have a sort of reputation for being rebellious, right? So for me, I really view my career, and even what I'm doing now, as a rebellion against all the things in the world that I see to be unkind. Kindness heals the world. Kindness heals people. It's what brings us together—it's what keeps us healthy.

At this time, Gaga does not appear to have announced the title of her next album.