Lady Gaga Changes Quarantine Look With Glam, Revealing Transformation in New Photo

Lady Gaga has been all about the pink look lately! The A Star Is Born actress took to Instagram to show off a new look, while also glammed-up. In the photo, Gaga rocked her blonde hair with bright pink lipstick, different from the look she's been sporting recently.

Gaga posted a rather relatable caption, writing, "When you do your makeup during quarantine just cuz." Since the United States started quarantining around mid-to-late March, a lot of people have been rocking a rather simple look. It appears that Gaga is no different, but just like her fans, she wants to fancy her look up a bit, even if it is for just around the house. This was also a perfect opportunity to show off her cruelty-free makeup company HAUS Laboratories, to which her lipstick and eye-liner are from.

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While she may have been rocking a gorgeous, hot pink color for her lips, in her recent posts she's been sporting pink hair instead. However, Gaga being known for her elaborate looks, styles and fashion, she has been giving fans a simpler look these days. Like many, Gaga has been playing it safe by staying inside her home more than usual.

When it comes to her looks, it's no secret Gaga is known for pushing the limit. She's shown her fans that she is willing to test the waters with makeup, outfits, hair and style. At the end of May, she revealed that he "definition of beauty has always been very against the grain." Adding, "I would never want to send a message to anyone, especially a young person, that you have to be perfect in any type of physical way in order to be a beautiful person," she told Australia's The Project (via the Daily Mail). "I didn't get here because I'm pretty," she continued. "I'm not a supermodel. I make music and it's that and my heart, and my brain that got me here, and a lot of hard work."


Gaga has been dating someone new since the holidays. Her boyfriend and entrepreneur Michael Polansky. A week after she released her single "Stupid Love" from her recent album Chromatica, she shared a sweet selfie of the two. While she may be in-love with her new man, Polansky's ex-girlfriend got raw with fans on what it felt like to have her ex now dating one of the most famous names in Hollywood.