Kylie Jenner Breaks Silence on Jordyn Woods Lip Kit Debacle

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire for a reason, people — she means business, and a broken friendship isn't going to stop her from making her money.

Jenner said she was taken aback when she heard the news that her line with ex-best-friend, Jordyn Woods, was slashed in half.

"That is just not my character. I would never do something like that and when I saw it, I was like, thrown back," she told the New York Times in a new piece featuring the famous family. "Jordyn knows I didn't actually put it on sale."

The 21-year-old mogul mentioned that when the price went from $27 to $13.50, that was an expected change since the company was switching from white to black packaging. However, she did immediately reach out to an employee when she noticed what happened.

Fans and customers certainly took to social media to air their opinions about the Jordy Lip Kit saying, "This shade smells like betrayal" and "Be mindful of the shades as wearing it may lead to biting the hand that feeds you." Of course, that didn't stop sales from skyrocketing. The kit sold out almost immediately. On top of that, there was a huge spike in other Kylie Cosmetic sales as well.

The prices of the lip kit are now back at their usual price and the Kylie x Jordyn best friend line is selling at full price.

A source told PEOPLE that although it's been a rocky road for Jenner, she's feeling a bit more optimistic about the future moving forward.

"Kylie has had a rough few weeks," the source said. "She is still upset about the Jordyn situation, although she seems to be doing much better."

While she hasn't kicked Woods out completely, their bond is certainly not the same. However, her family isn't stopping her from making any decisions, in fact, they're letting her work through the situation however she feels necessary — which is a bit of a double-edged sword.

"It's still a tricky situation for Kylie. And no one is actually putting too much pressure on her," the source explained. "Her family is aware that she is in contact with Jordyn. They are letting Kylie figure things out for herself."

In the meantime, Jenner is learning to expand her circle of friends instead of relying solely on one person.


"She has been socializing more and trying to find a bigger circle of friends that she can be close with," the source shared. "After the Jordyn drama, she realized that relying on just one friend is not the best idea."

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