Did Kylie Jenner Just Give Away Her Baby's Gender in These New Photos?

Kylie Jenner's rumored pregnancy has been the biggest story in the Kardashian family tree since it was first revealed, and now some new photos are adding new fuel to the fire.

Jenner shared several pink-filled photos to her Snapchat story that are said to be for a new cosmetics promotion.

One shows a pink salon chair, Christmas tree, couch and Barbie posters. Another shows the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast member's nails covered in pink nail polish and surrounding by pink Snapchat stickers.

Some are think the all-pink setting is in-line with a gender reveal photo shoot, making Jenner's rumored child with Travis Scott a girl. The nail photo in particular matches up with another recent photo that was rumored to be part of a gender reveal.

It's still unclear when Jenner will publicly confirm the baby's gender or if she's even actually pregnant.


See the photos below.

(Photo: Snapchat / kylizzlemynizzl)
(Photo: Snapchat / kylizzlemynizzle)